About me

Telling the internet all about myself.


If you’re here and you don’t want to read about software, you’re going to be badly disappointed. I’ve got some photos on Flickr from a while ago, and some photos on Instagram (almost all of food) from before I stupidly bought a Windows Phone, but aside from that there’s not a lot of me on the web. I also post a bunch of stuff on Google+, but again, if you don’t want to read about software …

I work for Collabora in the UK, doing a bunch of stuff related to graphics, window systems, input, etc — mostly involving Wayland, OpenGL ES / EGL, WebKit, GStreamer, Clutter, COGL, X11, etc, etc. If this sounds interesting, you should probably speak to someone better qualified to sell you our stuff, or email me and ask me to put you in touch with them. (But if you’re a recruiter, please don’t ring up and try to get me on the phone. I’m not at the office every day, and you won’t exactly be the first recruiter to call us up and try to trick your way through to one of our staff.)

Right now, I mainly actively contribute to the above projects, as well as maintain xkbcommon. In a past life, I used to contribute heavily to X11, Debian and Ubuntu, but those days are long gone.

If you want to reach me, email is best: daniel@fooishbar.org.